Copy of Tonight in America

   There is no celebrating in America tonight. Something has died within its’ soul. Children being separated from their parents, lost and alone. Most not knowing the language or a living soul in their midst’s. Babies crying. Mothers helpless in the search for their loved ones.  No help, no relief anywhere in sight. It is maddening to see the satellites of facilities housing these lost innocents spread randomly across this once great nation run by for profit purveyors of incarceration. A first lady who flies to praise the border patrol for doing their jobs while wearing some strange words about not caring on her back. What was that? Another photo op in a land that is crashing on superficial photo ops and bad reality tv show train wrecks. We are in a bonfire of values that is burning us all slowly.  Government is supposed to be here to help, not destroy.

   Where are we in America? Are we so cold and hardened and sanguine that we don’t see the pain our own tax dollars and judgement  have inflicted? We are in this together and we cannot sit back in silence and allow our better senses to rot on the vine of complacence.  We have to fix this. We have to find the thousands of abused and lost and forgotten babies who came here through no fault of their own with great alacrity.  We have victimized an army of the needy and if we don’t rescue them, we will never rescue what is so severely broken in our own politics, in our lives and in our homes. There is fear, there is anger, there is an unsettling feeling that if this can occur, here and now, then what might come next. Humanity must scream out for justice and empathy. We must stand up against the haters and destroyers and heal ourselves for what we have become. There is NO celebrating in this America on this night, and sadly, we will all wake up to more of the same.