The Turning Point

It was a brutal shock to the system of this nation. A president, acting as a dictator, summarily fires the FBI director. A director charged with the duty of investigating ties to that presidents' campaign, with a hostile outside influencer, Russia. You can't write this story in a novel. We are living the roller coaster ride that threatens everything we stand for. Basic freedoms, basic democracy is not to be taken lightly. It is fragile and it is in danger of crumbling. This is not democrats vs republicans, this is not conservatives vs liberals, this is good vs evil and evil is the obstruction of justice which is clearly what we have witnessed. Comey may have lost the confidence of the president but that confidence was clearly there when he was helping him win a questionable election.

   No accident that when subpoenas went out to those with knowledge of possible ties to Russia, the axe fell. Now the questions, and the reactions. It is not about taking to our separate corners in this challenge, it is about understanding how dangerous the situation at hand really is. Calls for a special prosector and an independent commission, are falling on deaf ears by many in his party who sit as the majority in congress. Too many Congress people who could put that ball of independence into motion, would rather turn a blind eye to a possible treason. Where does that leave the rest of us, those who seek the truth, who seek justice, who want to know that our futures' are protected from the reactionary autocratic who sits in the Oval office.  The truth can not take years. It can not take months. We need to get to the bottom of this administrations' links to Russia NOW! In a few hours he will meet with the highest ranking Russian official, here, the Russian Foreign minister, Sergey Lavrov. Timing is everything.  At what point do all of us who are Americans say enough. The truth is staring us in the face. The tornado of a frightening constitutional crisis is looming. Do we run from it or do we face? The fate of America lies in the balance.