Getting Back to Hope

It's been a week since we went to the polls filled with hope. Hope that the person we pulled the lever for would be the person to lead and shape this country for the next four years. Twenty seven per cent of voters got the future president they wished for. Over twenty seven per cent did not. Since that day of hope, we as a country have emotionally imploded. Demonstrators in the streets, hate crimes, swastikas, vitriol, fear, anger, friends verbally turning on friends, palpable  outrage and on the other side, joy and satisfaction that their votes mattered and counted. We all have to accept that. They did.

What we don't want is neighbor turning on neighbor, familes denouncing members of their own families for having opposing views. Right now we are on the runway to tomorrow waiting for the next administration to take off. It is in all of our interests to let that plane fly. If the next administration unites us, cuts through the grid lock in congress, provides jobs and prosperity, keeps us safe and at peace with the rest of the world, we owe it to those people to show what they have to make those things happen. Look for campaign promises to be kept or shelved. Honesty accounts for a lot.  We owe it to ourselves to be ever vigilant and speak truth to power and hold the new era of politicians accountable. We can do that without being hateful and divided. 

We owe it to ourselves as a democracy to see this new administration for what it is, and what it is not. Whether democrats or republicans, independents or non voters, we are in this together. We need to hear and feel and see each other as brothers and sisters not tribal enemies, we are not. Donald Trump is about to be the leader of the whole nation. When he is not, we fight back with votes and political involvement. We need new ideas and leaders that will give our children and grandchildren a better future. Whether the new president is that person or not, we will find out. Right now we have no future if all we see is hate. Cure the hate bug with love and respect and patience. Remember listen to what is happening, watch everything on every channel, read all the websites not just the ones you agree with, learn what other people are feeling and saying. We do not live in the world alone. We don't give up, we VOTE in a democracy and we keep hope alive. Together we thrive.  

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