Happy New Year in a time of Vera

    I saw her from across the room . She was at a power lunch at Michaels restaurant, a holiday lunch for women, Her skin was creamy and pale.  Her nose was the kind people get surgery to  have. It was perfect. Her hair was a blond, grey, like cornsilk. It was pulled back. Her jewelry was big, bold and gold. If she had wrinkles I never noticed them. It was her light that drew me to her.  Vera had a glow like nothing I had seen before. She looked like a silent film star of the early twenties.  My guess is she was over 70. I wanted to know her. She must have thought I was crazy.

    When the lunch was over I went to the bathroom and there she was.  I locked eyes with Vera and told her how stunningly beautiful she was. She hugged me. She said “I keep hearing that and I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because I am content," she said with a sweet, simple, half smile. I asked her how she got that way, "to be so content and to radiate such vitality, is a gift," I said. “What you have is something most of us are looking for. What is that?" " Then she told me her story.  

  "I came to this country at ten with my mother. We were immigrants from another country, Hungary. I worked, I got married and then I got divorced. After ten years of being single, I decided, I don’t want to do that again. Being single was a bad experience. So was my first marriage."

  After ten years of being single and working, her life changed.  She met the man she would fall in love with. She waited 4 years for him to be free, to marry.  That was over 42 years ago.  She said "the real key to being happy in life, love and it is giving, always give back to your partner.”  With love, I thought, looking at Vera, anything is possible.

  It was a simple lesson.  Powerful that it came during this holiday season. Vera inspired. To me she was a symbol of hope to all who are 'In search of' something to make them happy. She owned it just by being. She owned it by sharing her story with a stranger.

 So In the spirit of my friend Vera, I wish you all an everlasting light, that guides you. A light that reflects that part inside of all of us that is most profound and basic, I wish you all, a Happy New Year and the gift of love and giving in your life's journey. 


With Love,




December 2017

The Turning Point

It was a brutal shock to the system of this nation. A president, acting as a dictator, summarily fires the FBI director. A director charged with the duty of investigating ties to that presidents' campaign, with a hostile outside influencer, Russia. You can't write this story in a novel. We are living the roller coaster ride that threatens everything we stand for. Basic freedoms, basic democracy is not to be taken lightly. It is fragile and it is in danger of crumbling. This is not democrats vs republicans, this is not conservatives vs liberals, this is good vs evil and evil is the obstruction of justice which is clearly what we have witnessed. Comey may have lost the confidence of the president but that confidence was clearly there when he was helping him win a questionable election.

   No accident that when subpoenas went out to those with knowledge of possible ties to Russia, the axe fell. Now the questions, and the reactions. It is not about taking to our separate corners in this challenge, it is about understanding how dangerous the situation at hand really is. Calls for a special prosector and an independent commission, are falling on deaf ears by many in his party who sit as the majority in congress. Too many Congress people who could put that ball of independence into motion, would rather turn a blind eye to a possible treason. Where does that leave the rest of us, those who seek the truth, who seek justice, who want to know that our futures' are protected from the reactionary autocratic who sits in the Oval office.  The truth can not take years. It can not take months. We need to get to the bottom of this administrations' links to Russia NOW! In a few hours he will meet with the highest ranking Russian official, here, the Russian Foreign minister, Sergey Lavrov. Timing is everything.  At what point do all of us who are Americans say enough. The truth is staring us in the face. The tornado of a frightening constitutional crisis is looming. Do we run from it or do we face? The fate of America lies in the balance.

An Apology to My Trump Voting Friends

  It's been three days since the election that left half the population in shock. I confess, I have been among the wounded, devastated, days in bed, nights on social media while cursing and crying intermittently.  Never in my lifetime did I ever think that a man who began his campaign by insulting Mexicans and immigrants going on to threaten women and muslims and undocumented immigrants, could make his way to the majesty of the White House and all that that represents. We are a democracy. We stand for freedom. Freedom of choice, the pursuit of happiness, the concept of loving thy neighbor as we love ourselves. Somehow those American values died in the early morning hours of November 9th 2016. At least that is how it feels to those of us expecting the opposite outcome. I respect my Trump loving friends' desire for change. I respect your need to take your America back. I understand that you hated Barack Obama, calling him a monkey, a Kenyan extremist, a communist, a socialist, a know nothing community organizer who faked his birth certificate and never really went to Harvard. I get your need to denigrate a black man and his wife because they don't fit your idea of what black in America means. I don't get how you think a man like Donald Trump is going to fix the America we are. I also apologize if my comments have offended you. I Apologize if you see demonstrators protesting Trump and feel  they have to be getting paid. I understand your need to be right about every notion that you have that the only right America is a white America where the confederate flag stands tall and affirmative action dies a permanent death. I understand that you feel your jobs, your children's education have been given away to the other than's, the people who only want free stuff. I understand that you feel that you are doing everything right and still sinking in a black hole of loss and disparity and debt. I understand how much you hated Hillary, you wanted to lock her up, you thought the Clinton foundation was a slush fund and that she would be prosecuted by the FBI for four years and you didn't want to deal with any of that. I understand what your needs wants and desires are because I hear them on right wing talk radio, Fox television, and I read them on The Drudge Report and Red State and the other right leaning websites out there. I get who you are. My plea to you is to understand that who you are is who "we" who don't believe the same things are. We are human, we are Americans, we may not look like you, speak like you, dress like you or move in the same circles as you do but we are you. We are a family of woman and man. We have to see each other, feel each other, understand each other or we are doomed. We feel your pain but in my apology I offer a plea. Know that so many of us fear what comes next because we have never been so divided in modern times. If we are not the United States, we fall apart as the divided States.  Right now we are on a collision course with destiny that will define us for generations to come.