Debate Night 2/2016

I woke up feeling out of sorts. Sad really, and uncertain. This is what our political system has devolved into? What just happened here? Debate number two. Donald Trump versus Hillary Clinton. The two most unlikeable candidates in the history of the country the pundits said. One was a woman with an imperfect political background, the other a man whose leaked audio tape was released two days before. It was shockingly laced with vulgarities, assault threats and that sense of entitlement that comes with being star in the age of Reality Television.  Make no mistake, this was fight night and the two people on the stage at the town hall in St Louis, were vying for the presidency of the United States of America. This is what it had come down to. It was a sorry visual of a tall, bloated, tinted  man, interrupting a determined yet laid back woman who seemed not to understand the bully force hurricane that was drowning her out and blowing away her nonchalant attitude away. Not the sight of an audience, the sound of interrupting moderators, the sniffs, the claps, the former lovers of her husband Bill, all sitting in the same room, none of it could have been better scripted for a night of 'live' in your face, gutter politics. That's what this season of political perversity has brought us. There were no winners. This is NOT making America Great Again and this is not making us Stronger Together. It is frisking the American psyche. It was and is political terrorism.  It is destroying us as a nation.  In less than a month from now one of these two combatants will become our next president. This is the highest pubic office in the land and the person who wins that seat is going to have to deal with a smoldering field of emotions that this year and a half's journey has perpetrated on the voting public.  People are scared, some of what they saw last night made them angry.  Twenty four seven we are bombarded with TV ads that are supposed to make us choose a candidate. They are mostly turning us off to the process. Where are the good candidates?  The people who turn us on because they have innovative ideas, because they make us proud, because they show us how and why they can lead.  Where are the candidates who have manners and dignity and insight into what the voters needs really are.  Where are the contenders who represent "WE THE PEOPLE! Those people were not on that stage last night. If they are on the political landscape now, let them get out their managers and pr people so that we can know them.  This division will continue to kill us and with it our democracy. Four years till the next election. In the land of Facebook and twitter that will come quickly.  What happened over 90 minutes last night is really just the beginning because when one of these lightening rod candidates loses and the other takes office, the online and television war of words will surely escalate.  How do you tamp down this defining volume of hate? How do you put that genie back into the bottle of human decency. Where are the men and women running for the highest office in the land, who can unite, not divide and make us want to vote for someone we all believe in. If you are out there, America needs you.