Greetings All,
I am grateful for my life and all the experiences that have brought me to where I am.  When I think about what I want for my future, it simply comes down to more of Spirit in my life. For me this translates to a life full of love, peace, serenity, fun, loving and fulfilling relationships, vibrant health and prosperity, and a warm and comfortable home and living environment.
I also see myself changing negative habits and nurturing my body.  The body is the temple of the holy spirit and without it in maximum health I cannot do all I plan, desire and expect. There is so much more to give and to live. It is my birth right to live an abundant life. And a highly functioning and healthy body is part of the promise. This is an area I've been working on for a number of years now, and I will never give up on myself.  Failure isn't failure until it's the last time you try! If it is to be, its up to me!
I give my perfect body everything it needs to function and perform as it was designed.  My body is a divine gift from God, and I nurture and celebrate it every day.  And so it is!