This is about how Divine Spirit shows up in our lives, and how these blessings are often nothing like we imagined. When we pray, say our affirmations, and image our goals and aspirations, we have some grandiose pictures in our minds, and we’re supposed to! We are urged by our Spirit Guides to dream big, really, really, big. If you can do that, you’re well on your way to achieving what you want from life, and the kind of legacy you want to leave behind.

Now, the real trick, again, is in the journey because it can really sometimes seem like you’re veering off the path. And when we’re forced to take that path, it can feel totally weird, crooked, bumpy and all wrong. But that’s where you/we come in. Our trust and faith must kick in and we have to believe in Spirit’s ability to get it right in spite of appearances. Just think about how many times--in the past--something so right turned out to be so wrong and vice versa. The other side of that coin--what ended up being so wrong was actually right, it just had a different purpose than what you thought it had. (laugh)

You enlightened ones know that this is just one of the mysteries of life. Those who refuse to learn and believe in this life mystery, struggle, stress, and make life transitions harder for themselves than they need to be. People often make life so difficult for themselves and those around them, that they develop illnesses, more problems, extreme unhappiness, and often death.
Life really isn’t all that difficult! It’s complicated because we are born with differing agendas and needs, but Spirit even helps us with figuring that out. We get lots of road signs along the way! And I’ll be the first to say that I/we sometimes read the signs all wrong. However, for simply trying to get it right, God gives us much in return. (An E for Effort) (smile)

I remind myself and you to be more in tune with your inside guidance. Be still and just listen sometimes. Turn off the radio. Turn off the TV and spend some quality time with your heart. You gotta have quiet time so you can hear that still small voice speak to you in a most subtle way.
Take your time and enjoy this ride called life! When things get too difficult, know when to walk away because most of life should happen effortlessly. Always pray that the truth be revealed to you lovingly and quietly. Be kind and gentle in all you do; and be particularly good to yourself! Have a grand weekend and I love you !