Do you ever wonder who's in charge in Washington? All negotiations are about give and take.  There is no give,  there is no take there is only government dysfunction. The United States credit rating is at stake and is about to be downgraded.  What part of rising interest rates and the devaluation of the dollar and eroding global confidence in the US economy don't you bickering congress people get.  This is not a poker game this is real life and real American livelihoods are at stake. The political posturing comes at  a time when "We the people" are worried about jobs, mortgages, feeding our families and achieving the American Dream.  In this climate it eludes the majority of us and you have to wonder who is really orchestrating all of this.  Let's look at the tea party.  Who funds it who started it who supports it?  This is not a grass roots organization, it is backed by the famous Koch brothers' who's interests are big oil. It's promoted by Rupert Murdoch and his gang of the dumb down wing nuts of America.  Over five per cent of Newscorps' public holdings are owned by the billionaire Saudi prince who happened to bankroll part of the terrorist organization we in this country have spent billions trying to stop. Al Qaeda. Prince  Al Waleed bin Talal let it be said is not only in business with Mr Murdoch he also has holdings in Disney and Time Warner.  Who is he and why  does he have so many tentacles in our American media? Just after 911 you might remember the Prince offered Rudy Giuliani a 10 million dollar check.  He reportedly wanted America to change its pro-Israel foreign policy with Rudy's help.
Back to Washington. The tea party freshmen is the faction of the republican party that is not only dividing the red state party it is also dividing the nation. They won't budge, they won't give, tea party darling Michelle Bachmann says let us default it matters not.  Huh?
Makes u wonder about the foreign interests and how they influence what happens here...Saudi Prince Al Waleed bin Talal, Koch oil business, Rupert Murdoch, all billionaires who back too many of our national legislators who are killing our country.  I guess there is more than one way to destroy America and with this debt ceiling stalemate the real war, the economic war has come to our shores to blow us away.  No way out of this one, not even another election.