When you live in Manhattan you get used to waiting. You wait in a line to get your morning coffee. You wait in the subway to get a train to work. You wait for the right job to come along or to get the big interview. You wait for the stock market to go up while watching your pay check and retirement funds go down. But waiting for a killer storm to hit the center of your city is like no other wait before. The air is thick and the sky is a dull grey. The humidity level makes you feel like you are on a tropical Isle. On this Island of Manhattan the food lines in stores are long while the shelves are barren. Don’t try to find a “D” battery or mobile phone booster. The last ones were sold three days before Irene was due. People are walking their dogs like little Rover may never see the pavement again. You wonder what the big dogs will do in Manhattan when it’s unsafe for them to be walked. When they can’t romp in the rain in the park on Sunday afternoon. No need to wait for a bus on this day. No public transportation is running. The politicians are on TV once an hour. No one wants to appear to be George Bush with his or her pants down when this big one comes. Yes we New Yorkers know a thing or two about waiting but in the moments and hours waiting for Irene to blow through it feels like the strangest wait of all. It’s almost surreal. Most of us have lived through 911. We suffered an earthquake just a few days ago and now in just a few hours a seven hundred mile wide storm will hit. What’s a type A personality with the need to control his or her environment to do? Are we getting used to circumstances that make us throw away what we once took for granted? Is real security a thing of the past? Maybe we just need to understand that life is change and change is upon us. Oops here comes the rain. Time to hunker down. This is change I believe in and it sure doesn’t feel good.