When things are broken we fix them. The world is out of balance and it is time we fixed it. We are watching Rome literally burning. Times Square is brimming with OWS protesters and the theme continues from city to city and continent to continent. The flame was started in disparity but will it end in clarity? When you have one class of people prospering and another class suffering, the only way out is through change and that is what we are seeing play out. Demonstrations, signs, and protests, both peaceful and violent, have no signs of slowing down -- to the contrary.
In this country it is almost as if the people and the politicians are speaking two different languages. Those on the Republican and Democratic sides look more like cartoon characters at a time when we need a Gandhi or a King to step up and claim his or her place in a world gone wrong. That world, this country, is looking for someone who knows how to heal a global disparity. Everyone everywhere wants the same thing -- the pursuit of happiness and the means to get there.

How could a Herman Cain or a Michele Bachmann, a Rick Perry or a Mitt Romney, fix a system that was designed to fail? How can any of those characters bring people together? How can a Romney turn around a banking and business culture that only works for those who run it? He was/is one of them. Where do his interests lie? Not with you or me surely. How can a Michele Bachmann help the middle class when she probably thinks the middle class is something you get when you board a plane and walk beyond first class? How would Herman Cain unify a nation when he can't even relate to people of his own race? Nine thousand bogus plans will not allow a man who does not even understand the black plight bring a world together at a time when both are blowing up? There are no answers, no quick fixes when three decades or more of decay have left us rotting and hungering to get it right and right now.

Who is the Democrat who will give us the change we really believe in? We have had one for a few years and his presidency has shown us that you can't have change when hate blocks you in the congressional halls -- especially if your name is Barack Hussein Obama. He was a symbol of hope and change, but a change merchant is something he still aspires to be and not something he has yet been able to create. The hope for some is that he gets it right before November of 2012. Not much time, Mr. President, and this is coming from one who supports you. One who wants to see your message manifest into jobs and good health care for all and a closing of the Wall Street casino and an opening of a Main Street prospering once again as a strong middle class.
When hope fails what have we? A world on fire crying for help.