Yes he is loving it. Chris Christie loves to be wooed, loves to be loved and loves to be in the spotlight.  What politician doesn’t?  That’s the problem Christie is a typical bought and paid for politico with a year and a half’s experience as an elected official. How did he even get there?  In George W. Bush’s 2000 presidential election, Chris Christie was a huge fundraiser in the state of New Jersey for the president.  After Bush won, his resume ended up on Karl Rove’s desk and the rest as they say is history.  He was nominated by Bush to be the U.S. Attorney in the district of New Jersey. In 2002 he took on the role and ended up being one of seventeen US attorney’s on the US attorney general’s advisory committee.  That attorney general was Roberto Gonzalez.  He ended up quitting. Congress started to investigate him for the firing of eight U.S attorney’s who’s political leanings were other than the Bush administration’s.

In the late 90’s Christie was registered as a lobbyist.  He and his partner lobbied on behalf of an energy company for deregulation of the NJ electric and gas industry.  He then lobbied for the Securities Industry Association to block specific securities fraud legislation. Just what you want in office in a time of wall street casino gambling and a congress that seems to take orders from the special interests who pay them for their votes.
Lately you don’t hear much about Christie’s brother Todd except when he tells the media that he “really doesn’t think his brother is running for the presidency,” but Todd’s name is right there front and center in Chris Christie’s back story when as governor he awarded a multimillion dollar no-bid contract to another former US  attorney who was investigating Todd in a 2005 Fraud case brought before the SEC. Even though Todd was high up on the list of wall street traders suspected in the case, he was never prosecuted.  Funny how that happened.

The list of “in your pocket” allegations against the N.J. governor continues. When you hear talk of him though, those are the things that seem to be left out of the conversation. He is a wise cracking, New Jersey tough guy who jokes his way into the hearts of conservative voters wishing for the next incarnation of Ronald Reagan.  I think even their patron saint would have a thing or two to say about who this Chris Christie really is.

He is a guy who is tough on teachers, tough on unions  and against same sex marriage. He wants to raise the retirement age, possibly privatize social security and a dedicated Bush family Karl Rove loyalist. His ‘in your face’ “it’s my way or the highway” attitude is reminiscent of the tea party that brought us to the brink of financial disaster.  Is Chris Christie really the best hope for the republican party?

If you ask the Koch brothers, the Charles Schwab’s of the world or any number of conservative billionaires’ the answer is yes, maybe.  If you ask the people of America the people who are suffering from job losses, foreclosures, rising health care costs and poor education prospects the answer has to be ‘hell no, let’s end the madness’.  This country needs someone who has NO connection to special interest groups, who has had more than a year and a half in public office and who says over and over again “Yes I want this job, yes I AM READY to be the leader of the free world” not someone who soaks up the adulation and seduction of the dance like gravy on mashed potatoes.

I am not saying he is all bad he is for a ‘woman’s right to choose’ and he does not have the “crazy” attached to him.  Have to say, be careful of who you choose when you are desperate for a “normal candidate” republicans.

This guy has the stamp of approval because he represents who’s interests? Probably not yours or mine. That is what has to change in our great nation. In order for us to be a true democracy we have to understand that “bought and paid for” means you get what you purchase. Just cause a guy is mean and sarcastic doesn’t mean he is a winner.   “We the people” can’t afford to elect another candidate just because he or she tells the best joke in the room then ducks out on the real commitment.

We are living through serious times, we deserve serious candidates not cartoon characters. We did that for eight years with George W. and look where that got us.
Oh yea did someone say he is really running for vice president?
Really?  Now that’s an offer even the “I am not ready man” might have to consider.