He Came into my life two months after my marriage ended. I called him Mitzvah my good deed dog. Yesterday after 17 years of life I had to put my beautiful boy down. I remember him playing catch the ball on the beach in Sagaponack. Will never forget his puppy yelp when a tick bit him in the ear. He taught me the meaning of love that is unconditional at a time when the love in my heart had grown stale. Mr Mitzy as we would call him, went blind at a time when I couldn't see what was next in my life or career. He lost a sister at 7, he was forced to move 5 times in his life span. Each time his sustained love made the traumatic changes easier to endure. He was the real puppy love of my life, the man of my life, the boy child I couldn't conceive. When he died in my arms yesterday morning, after the needle was injected, his sister of 10 years and I mourned for the loss of our joy. Thanks for the journey Mr Mitzy and the courageous gift of your love. God speed little man. God's love!